Meticulous Chaos (aotearoagal) wrote in blank_icons,
Meticulous Chaos

Acting Icons

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8x Alicia Vikander
12x Amanda Seyfriend
9x Amandla Stenberg
16x Anne Hathaway
6x Brie Larson
4x Daniel Radcliffe
6x Elizabeth Banks
4x Emilia Clarke
7x Emma Stone
9x Emma Watson
5x Jake Gyllenhaal
5x Jessica Alba
11x Jessica Chastain
16x Jennifer Lawrence
3x Keira Knightley
11x Kirsten Dunst
11x Kristen Stewart
7x Lea Michele
6x Léa Seydoux
11x Lizzy Caplan
19x Lupita Nyong'o
16x Mia Wasikowska
4x Natalie Portman
7x Nina Dobrev
14x Oscar Isaac
13x Sophie Turner
14x Tilda Swinton
11x Vanessa Hudgens
6x Viola Davis
5x Zendaya

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