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blank_icons's Journal

Simply Blank
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Welcome to Simply Blank, the community for posting and enjoying textless icons!

Are you like me, bored with icons that have song lyrics or quotes or other type of text stuck on them?

Then this is the community for you!

blank_icons gives LJ users a break from the mass amount of texted icons being posted everywhere and goes back to the basics.

Sign up and join the plain prettiness!


#1 Please try and include some icons with every post. Want to advertise a new community? Include some iconage.

#2 Keep requests to a minimum, and then only requests for blank icons (obviously). Also, asking about pictures is allowed...but as stated before, try to include icons.

#3 Any icons containing nudity or possibly offensive material should be put behind an lj cut, along with a clear warning. These are allowed as long as the rules are followed. So all users note, this community may contain adult material.

#4 Everyone be nice to each other, and don't get huffy if I tell you off for breaking the rules. Your fault for not reading/heeding them!

#5 Stay on topic please.

#6 Any other effects like animation, transparencies, blinkies, etc. are allowed. Just no text!

Community moderated by: irda Contact me if you have any questions/suggestions/comments.

The interests listed below are not restrictions of any sort; simply suggestions of what people could post.

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